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Everything you need for when love is in the air and romantic happy endings are a must.

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Browse the latest album releases from our label partners on Sonoton.Music.

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A selection of motivational and inspirational tracks to create soaring optimism and awe your audience.

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Creatives 'Keep Your Ears On!' A selection of our music sups favourite songs.

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Add energy and a feel of passion with these punchy and catchy themes with at times frantic, hyperactive riffage at breakneck speeds.

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Our Story

For over 20 years SMI PM has been a boutique provider of production music for film, broadcast, digital media and corporate productions in the Benelux. We offer a comprehensive and diverse music collection comprised of more than 60 diverse labels and over 350000 exclusive titles, pre-cleared for all media, worldwide in perpetuity. We offer our clients a full range of music solutions including custom music searches, music supervision, music clearances and bespoke music services.

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Why work with us? We are driven by an obsession for quality and a passion for music that is impactful, emotional and eminently usable and effective for your productions. Licensing production music is simple and clear. You can use our music on multiple platforms from youtube to traditional broadcast. As productions become increasingly international and licensing music can be complicated, production music is hassle-free. Please contact us for more information on licenses and rates for sync and dubbing rights.

Who we work with

Since 1996 SMI PM has been helping businesses with their soundtrack requirements. Digital creatives want consumers to connect with them emotionally in an authentic way and music is that connector. Music is big and influential. It is never simply about the tunes, it is about hitting the right note. You can hear our music in productions of Motionmakers, SBS, VRT, regional broadcasters (e.g. TV Limburg, AVS), several cities (e.g. Rumst, Genk, Diepenbeek, Turnhout), Colruyt, Eyeworks, Studio 100, Woestijnvis, RTBF… and many more.


Bespoke music

There are times when production music just won’t do the job. As SMI PM is also the proud producer of its own label SMI, we have access to a team of internationally acclaimed award-winning composers who can compose and record original bespoke music so that it meets your exact requirements. There are no ball-park prices for custom music projects but we are here to help you through the maze of options. For more information, or to send a brief, please contact us.

latest SMI releases

Become a SMI Production Music composer — Join our talented team

Neil Myers

A classically trained composer specialising in orchestral scores for TV and film, Neil studied at Leeds College of Music before completing an MA in Composition for Film and Television, in which he...

Andy Findon

Andy Findon is Europe's most recorded flute player who can be heard on countless movie and TV soundtracks, alongside albums for a long list of international artists. His own releases include...

Andrew Potterton

Andrew Potterton is a seasoned music composer from the UK. As a former DJ and remix artist, Andrew has credits on a range of film, TV and computer games projects. Born into a musical family, Andrew...

Henry Gorman

Henry is a London-based composer-producer creating bespoke music in the worlds of TV, radio, advertising and film. Henry recently won the 2017 Sensoria Pro scoring contest focusing on music for...

Andrea Terrano

Andrea picked up his first guitar at the age of 6. Initially classically trained, he later moved on to modern styles, employing electric guitars and performing original music with bands. Part...

Michael Raphael

Michael Raphael has composed music for over 1000 TV and film projects and has been rewarded with Platinum and Golden records. Recently, he worked with Disney Records as a songwriter/producer, which...

What’s going on?

Grote Sporza EK

SMI Production Music is proud to land a song placement in Sporza's TV commercial 'Great Sporza Cup', an online game to test your FIFA20-skills from the comfort of your sofa. Sporza is a multimedia brand of Belgian radio and television network VRT specifically for...

Hitpoint Music

NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH SMIPM Hitpoint Music – Independent music with commercial quality, creativity and authenticity Hitpoint Music library was formed in London in 2015 by a team of the UK’s leading media music specialists. Their custom music credits include many of...

Laura Lynn

SMIPM GOES  COMMERCIAL Living Your Dreams! SMI Production Music is very proud to have had a helping hand in Laura Lynn’s new single ‘Leef Je Droom’. The song was written by English-Irish country singer Nathan Carter and Don Mescall - a singer and songwriter from Co....

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Music Submissions Guidelines

If you would like to submit your music for consideration for our music catalogue please pay attention to the following:

  • Do not call or email asking if it is okay to send music, we listen to everything that comes across our desk. Sometimes this takes a while, so please allow four to six weeks before querying if your music has been received and reviewed.
  • Our core focus is high-quality production music. If you care enough about your music that you want other people to pay attention to it, you need to make sure it stands out. We love new and exciting music. For your music to stand a better chance to get noticed, make sure you send us finished tracks NOT demos, unless they are brain-meltingly good.
  • You must own and control 100% of the copyright in both the composition and master recording. Sound-alikes and samples are not permitted.
  • We do not accept any music on a non-­exclusive basis. We act as the exclusive music publisher for the compositions in our library, promoting and representing them to our clients worldwide through a network of sub publishers.
  • Make sure you are not under an exclusive agreement with another publisher.
  • Please do NOT email mp3s as they will be deleted.
  • Please submit a streaming link ONLY for 5-8 songs using our contact form and any other info that you think is pertinent.

And last but not least: here is something to remember: the music library business is a long term journey. Chances are you will not become an overnight millionaire! Music libraries are all about growing a steady stream of long term income. Compare it to rolling a snowball, but a snowball that sometimes rolls quickly, sometimes slowly. Quick or slow, it still grows.

We know it is not a great sales pitch but it is the reality of the business. And it says something about the Stock Music philosophy: we don’t over-sell or make huge promises to you. We just work hard, do our utmost best and with that attitude we hope you will stay and grow with us.